Anthurium Friedrichsthalii in artisan bucket planter


Beautiful thin leathery strap-like leaves makes this plant a gorgeous hanging plant. A Epiphyte in the wild,  it looks best when hang up high to display those very exotic foliage. Potted in a loose aroid mix with loads of premier pine bark and styled in one of our gorgeous handcrafted aged orange ceramic planter, Plant FOLKS x Geluk hanging planter. Jute twine rope can be easily removed when placed on shelf to achieve that chic shelfie look.

Size of planter: 12.5cm (mouth dia) x  10cm (height)
Colour of planter: Orange Terracotta

*You are encouraged to choose self-collect to protect the plant from any delivery mishaps. Please refer to help section for our return/refund policy..

# Pictures are for illustration purposes only. Each plant in stock is unique, so you may receive a plant that looks different from the one in the pictures.

This is a handmade planter and there is only one piece available. Each piece is unique and individually made. Please expect to see slight imperfections and marks left by the handmade process.

Plant Care

Plant Care
Water generously when well-draining soil mix is dry.

Indirect sunlight. Good in a well-lit location but away from intense direct light. Comfortable in medium to low light conditions.

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