Anthurium Magnificum Verde in Hanjak Planter


The beautiful Anthurium Magnificum Verde with its velvety green leaves is native to Columbia.  It comes in a chic handcrafted terracotta planter that helps the plant to breathe through its porous walls.

Height of plant+planter: cm (height)
Size of planter: cm (mouth dia)
planter: terracotta hanjak

*You are encouraged to choose self-collect to protect the plant from any delivery mishaps. Please refer to help section for our return/refund policy..

# Pictures are for illustration purposes only. Each plant in stock is unique, so you may receive a plant that looks different from the one in the pictures.

This is a handmade planter. Each piece is unique and individually made. Please expect to see slight imperfections and marks left by the handmade process.

Plant Care
As with all Anthuriums, do not leave it to dry out too much.
Water when dry 1 cm down the soil mix.

Low to medium light. Comfortable in low light. You will see more growth when placed close to bright indirect light.

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