Begonia Amphioxus in Artisan Planter


Rare in its natural environment in the wet understory part of the tropical forest, the Begonia Amphioxus has this pretty burgundy colour spotted patterns on a bright green coloured leaf. It also features a very pretty purple or white blooms. Styled here in a matching polka-dot artisan handcrafted ceramic planter, it looks just amazing.

size of planter: 9cm (mouth dia) x 6cm (ht)
colour of planter: white glazed with hand-painted polka dots
soil mix: Home brew Begonia soil mix

Begonia Plant Care

Versatile plant that can be kept in low light like in its natural environment. Place in bright shaded area.

Always kept moist. Potted in one of our own Begonia soil mix, it will help hold the moisture in. Water when top layer or 1cm down of soil mix is a little dry. Do not let it dry out.

Best placed in a spot with slightly higher humidity.

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