Euphorbia Lactea Variegata in 3-legged Artisan Planter


The Euphorbia Lactea is a cactus like succulent usually found in India that has unique spiny stems and green mottled branches. Its skeleton shape and pretty green colour is what makes it popular and kept at home.

This beauty is styled in a beautiful individually handcrafted ceramic planter from our Birdman collection. Each planter is hand-thrown and glazed individually with its chic colours by the artisan potter. The result is a lovely bonsai type plant you can add to your collection at home.

height of plant+planter: 20cm
size of planter: 9cm (dia)
colour of planter: white
potted in premier loose soil mix with japanese pumice stone

Plant Care
Drought tolerant. Water sparingly.

Bright Shade. Place in a spot where there is bright indirect light.

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