Hoya Crassipetiolata ‘Splash’ in Artisan Planter


Hoya Crassipetiolata ‘Splash’ styled and potted in one of our handcrafted Thai artisan planters.

The Hoya Crassipetiolata ‘Splash’ is a exotic and rare Hoya that is popular among collectors for its beautiful foliage that is dotted with ‘splash’ patterns.

Size of planter: 9cm (mouth dia)

*You are encouraged to choose self-collect to protect the plant from any delivery mishaps. You can choose a delivery option if you like but please take note that we do not accept any refunds/returns for plants.

# Pictures are for illustration purposes only. You may receive a plant that has grown and looks different from the one in the pictures.

Plant Care
Water when soil mix is dry.

Indirect sunlight with few hours of morning sun.

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