Sansevieria kirkii silver blue in ring artisan planter

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The Sansevieria kirkii Silver Blue is an exotic Sansevieria popular for its unique chunky silver blue foliage with those longitudinal lines and mottling.

Styled in a in-house artisan planter Plant FOLKS x Lerae Ring Planter & potted in gritty soil mix

Size of planter: 9.5cm (mouth dia) x 9 cm (height)
colour of planter: White with brown ring ridges

*You are encouraged to choose self-collect to protect the plant from any delivery mishaps. You can choose a delivery option if you like but please take note that we do not accept any refunds/returns for plants.

# Pictures are for illustration purposes only. Each plant in stock is unique, so you may receive a plant that looks different from the one in the pictures.

Plant Care
Allow the water to dry out completely before watering. When kept indoors, less is more as the sans can go long periods between waterings

Place in a bright spot away from direct sun. A spot by the window will be good.

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