Schismatoglottis sp in Raw Artisan Planter


Native to countries like Borneo, the Schismatoglottis sp whose species has yet been named is a relatively new but rare species discovered. It has beautful camo mottled patterns on its leaves that make it a highly sought after exotic.

Styled here in our handcrafted artisan planter RAW bowl planter it’s a a beautful conversational starter to have for your home.

Size of potted plant: 14cm (wide) + 13cm (ht)
colour of planter: toasted brown, unglazed
Soil mix: Home brew premier wet soil mix

This is a handmade planter. Each piece is unique and individually handcrafted.  It is possible that each model has a slight difference in colour and size due to this.

# Pictures are for illustration purposes only. You may receive a plant that has grown and looks different from the one in the pictures.

*You are encouraged to choose self-collect to protect the plant from any delivery mishaps. Please refer to help section for our return/refund policy.

Plant Care

Can be kept in low to medium light like in its natural environment. Avoid strong direct sunlight as it will burn its leaves.

Always keep it moist. Potted in one of our own compact premier soil mix, it will help hold the moisture in. Water when surface of soil mix is dry. Do not let it dry out.

Although it can grow in a normal humdity climiate, it will thrived when placed in a spot with slightly higher humidity.

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