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Don’t they just look good together?
Plant tip! Choose plants with similar foliage patterns and style for a beautiful green look.

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Plant Folks, online plant shop

‘Plant Folks is an online plant shop that shares what we value most as plant owners.’

We are Danny and Hilary. Our plant journey isn’t all that different from others. It started when we first went to our neighbourhood nursery for a few plants to doll up our home.

We believe in having plants in our living space, living with us and not necessarily just along the corridor outside our apartment. When placed indoors, plants allow us to connect with nature and offer a calming refuge that works wonders on our overall happiness.

So living with us now are just about every type of foliage plants like the Anthuriums, Philodendrons, and even our flowering Hoya.

This blog is about growing and living with our plants; about how we have created green spaces around our home apartment.

In addition, we hope to share with you what we value most in our online plant blog shop. Here, you can find lovely planters, plant accessories as well as our plants which are grown and sown from our own home. In fact, as we continue our discovery as plant folks, expect to see more offerings as we grow. Join us on this journey! Shop now at https://plantfolksg.com/shop .

Our Plant Shop

Why shop at Plant Folks?

  1. We have a huge selection of beautiful planters in our shop. But what we are most proud of are our artisan planter collections. Here, you can shop from a range of beautifully hand-crafted artisan planters from ceramists all over the world.
  2. We give our plants a specially concocted indoor soil mix that is well-draining and full of organic goodness like worm castings and compost. Our plants are therefore acclimatised to an indoor environment and will be ready for your home when you adopt them from us.
  3. Our plants are grown and given additional light from a mix of quality plant grow lights that we used in additional to natural light. This encourages healthy growth in the plants.
  4. We are plant owners and we know what you will need to grow your plants. We hope to share with you what we value most as plant owners here in our online plant blog and shop.