This blog documents our journey as indoor plant owners. Here, we share the pains and delights we experienced when taking care of the many plants in our green spaces at home. We hope our experiences will help you in your journey and likewise, feel free to share your valuable plant tips with us!

ceramist lerae lim

Interview with Ceramist, Lerae

Lerae is a talented ceramist based in Singapore known for her beautiful handcrafted ceramic planters and tableware. Her minimalist inspired designs are created to perfection with her skilful throwing of artistic forms and shapes . We love her unique style especially in our signature bee-hive planters. Find out about her in our chat below.Lerae @llerae.makes […]

Simple tips for growing Hoyas

Hoya Series: A Hoya series to share some of our experiences & tips uncovered while growing this hardy but beautiful plants. Stay tuned…By: Danny(All photos belong to plant folks. please credit if you are using them) One thing about Hoyas that many Hoya lovers including me find attractive other than their exotic foliage and pretty […]

Tips when using BACSAC® for aroids & your plants

BACSAC® pots are porous and breathable and good for aroids. The material prevents rot and allows the roots to breathe by draining off excess water through the porous textile. In fact, plants grown in BACSAC®’s fabric pots have stronger root development and a denser structure. When the roots reach the fabric wall, the contact with […]

tips on terracotta planters with k.l.e.i

Tips on Terracotta planters with Faizal, K.L.E.I

One look at these hand-crafted terracotta planters from K.L.E.I in Indonesia and you know why they are so popular. These beautifully designed planters are gaining in popularity for their contemporary look and skillfully created smooth terracotta polish. Any plant potted in this planter looks stylish and chic. Here’s a tip on terracotta planters if you […]


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