3D Planters: KYOTO



This eco-friendly planter is beautiful and well-crafted with a fine wood-textured finish. Made of a bio-degradable material known as PLA WOOD, you will be surprised at how it feels and smells like real wood. You can grow your plants directly from the planter as it comes with a drainage hole and the planter does not absorb the water when you water the plants. If you like to do your part in reducing carbon footprints and are also into beautiful wood planters, this is the planter for your plants.

3D Planters: KYOTO
Measurements: 9cm(diameter) x 9cm(height)
With Drainage Hole | Planters are sold without plants
Design and crafted in Italy by NuttoCreations

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Modern 3D printing technology which is based on the concept of fusing layers of wood and bio-PLA (Poly Lactic Acid) together, to create strong and durable planters.

PLA is poly lactic acid, a polymer derived from plants such as corn, wheat or beet, rich in natural sugar. It is a strong and durable material with an extraordinary aesthetic effect. PLA WOOD has the same properties as PLA but also contains pine wood fibres. The feeling to the touch and the smell are awesome!

3D printed objects have a very good finish but each planter is made individually and could present slight imperfections such as lines and bumps.

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