AMATERAS LED 10W Barrel Plant Light


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Touted as the best  LED grow light in Japan, the relatively new Amateras series of lights from Barrel Plant Light is growing a fan base on social media, not only for its strong technical specs and efficacy for plant growth but for really helping plants look their best indoors.

A collaboration between plant light experts, Barrel Plant Light and design guru, Kumanomi, it not only helps plants grow healthily indoors which is top of the mind for us, plant-lovers, it allows us to enjoy their company and style our interiors with them.

AMATERAS, is named after the Goddess of Sun (Amaterasu-Ōmikami) in Japanese mythology for good reason.

Here is a list of reasons for choosing the AMATERAS LED 10W.

1.    Strong intensity of light with very high PPFD rates , it can fuel medium to high-light plants. Your plants will grow up healthily similar to the way they grow under sunlight. It can be used for all plants including foliage plants, home gardens, hydroponics, flowering plants, aquatic plants. If you grow vegetables with this light, the nutritional value will be more than three times higher.

2.     Light is so clear; you can see your plants & pests as clear as day. Almost no shadow is cast. Colour rendering Ra 97 is as clear as those lights used in museums. The appearance of plants will look amazingly beautiful.

3.     Light is bright but beautiful, gentle and safe enough to shine down on us indoors.

4.     It is cost effective. One month electricity bill
when light is turned on for 12 hours a day x 31 days is about 100 yen (S$1.25).  This is calculated based on Japanese electricity rates at 27 yen (S$0.33) per unit for 1kWh in Japan. When used in Singapore, this could be even lower because on average, SG electricity rates are est S$0.18 per unit for 1kWh.

5. It is convenient. It is a screw base bulb that can be used on most common house lamps.

*Plant Folks is an authorised dealer of Barrel Plant Lights. We obtain our lights direct from Barrel Plant Light in Japan.

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Product Specifications
【Body color】 Black
[Color temperature] About 5900K
【Color】   Silver
[Color Rendering Index] High Color Rendering Ra97
【 LED 380 ~ 840nm】 1pcs
Full spectrum lights. It looks white to the naked eye, but the strongest wavelength is adjusted to 660 nm for red and 450 nm for blue.

 Illuminance, photon flux density (when the irradiation distance is 40cm)
[Illuminance] 13580lux
【PPFD】 287μmol m-2 s-1
[Total luminous flux] 914lm
【Lumen】 914lm
[Base] E26 , This can be used on a E27 base in Singapore.
[Power consumption] 10W
[Low power] 10W
[Rated life (h)] 20000 hours
[Rated life] 20000hours
* The rated life is a design value and not a guaranteed value.

[Overall length] 10cm
【Outline】 8.6c
[Weight] 152g
【Rated input current (mA)】 95mA(@100V)
【Rated voltage (V)】 85V ~265V
【Indoor】 AC85V ~265V 50-60Hz
【Recommended irradiation distance】 30cm ~ 100cm