Black ceramic hanging planter


This lovely hand-crafted ceramic hanging planter is a perfect companion to your plants.

It is fitted with hemp cords for hanging your beautiful plants like those trailing ones and does not have a drainage hole. They will look especially beautiful in it with vines trailing down the hanging planter.

It is well-structured and left unglazed on the outside for that raw ceramic texture. The outside is black with white line work.

This planter was thrown and trimmed round-bottomed on Mona-Lisa’s potter’s wheel before being completely hand drawn with line patterns. The pattern was added at a leather hard stage using a technique called Mishima (an inlay process)

This planter is sold in small size.
Small: 11cm(diameter) x 7.5cm(height)

These are handmade planters and each piece is unique and individually made. Please expect to see slight imperfections and marks left by the handmade process.

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About the ceramist
These beautifully planters are individually hand-crafted by Mona-Lisa Klavus Pottery. Mona-Lisa is a talented potter from Sydney Australia where she creates her elegant planters and other functional ceramics. Straight out of her home studio, she meticulously throw and trim clay round-bottomed on the potter’s wheel before adding on her unique free-hand illustrations and water-coloured patterns on her planters. From what began as just a hobby, she started out selling her works at craft markets before quickly getting picked up to supply ceramics to shops in Sydney.

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