Sonerila SP in Handcrafted Planter


The Sonerila SP is a rare exotic plant that is found in wet parts of a subtropical forest . The beautifully dotted and patterned small leaves on those maroon coloured stems are the highlight of this plant and a conversation starter.

This Sonerila SP plant creation is styled in a beautiful individually handcrafted ceramic planter,
seed pot, from our Karnezcen collection.

size of planter: 9.7cm (dia)
colour of planter: Mint Marble
potted in premier loose wet soil mix

This is a handmade planter. All products are individually handcrafted, it is possible that each model has a slight difference in colour and size.

# Pictures are for illustration purposes only. You may receive a plant that has grown and looks different from the one in the pictures.

*You are encouraged to choose self-collect to protect the plant from any delivery mishaps. Please refer to help section for our return/refund policy.

Plant Care
Keep soil mix moist. Water when surface of soil mix is dry to the touch.

Low to medium light. You will see more growth when placed close to bright indirect light.

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