Euphorbia Heytoides in Artisan Raw Planter


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A native of Madagascar, the Euphorbia Heytoides sets the minimalist tone with its thin dart-shaped leaves. It also has an unusual caudex that sticks out of its soil, upping its exoticness. It is this caudex that helps it to tolerate spells of drought.

Styled here in our minimalist looking Tear Drop Raw Planter, it is a great conversationist starter and one that doesn’t take up too much  room.

Height of plant+planter: 44cm (height)
Size of planter: 9cm (mouth dia)
colour of planter: White with ridges, unglazed

Plant Care
Water when the soil is dry 3 inches down. Allow to dry out after watering.

Place in a spot where there is bright indirect light. Thrives in medium to bright light.

Tip: Droops and starts to lose its leaves when it is thirsty. Try water before that.

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