Monadenium Rubellum in Raw Artisan Planter


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Commonly known as a Monadenium, the Euphorbia neorubella is a rare exotic caudiciform plant with beautiful dainty purple leaves and stems that hold them twisting up into the air in style.

This beautiful succulent is not only sought after for its form but its odd-shaped woody foot-like caudex and all year round flowering. It blooms pretty purple-pink dainty flowers in long, often single stalks. The woody ‘foot’ rest on the soil surface in display like a small bonsai. A collector’s favourite!

Plant Care
Water sparingly but more when strong light is available.

Place in a spot where there is bright indirect light or strong morning sun.

Less is more. If in doubt, do not water. Similar to all caudex plants, they are drought resistance due to the water stored in their caudex.

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