Bucket planter


Bucket shaped ceramic planter that comes with jute twines for hanging. Jute twines can come off and planter can be placed on shelf.

Aged ceramic planter with drainage holes.
It has an unglazed interior and bottom to absorb and drain excess water.

Exterior of planter is glazed to achieved that rustic orange look.

Size: 13cm(dia with lip) x 9cm (dia) x 9cm(ht)

Colour: Terracotta Orange

Suggested plants: Hoyas, Pothos, Aroids

These are handcrafted ceramics and may differ slightly in shape, size and colour. Dark speckled spots are inherent in glaze to achieve that rustic aged look.

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geluk terracotta orange bucket planter

Exclusively handcrafted for Plant FOLKS by Geluk Studio.

We were really in need of hanging planters for the many hoyas at home. And hanging our hoyas in beautiful handcrafted planters by the window was a sight we love to see. We knew the shape we like but a beautiful glaze from Geluk Studios completed this out of the world planters. Best part is when the jute twines come off, you can have it  on the shelf with the rest of your plants.
We hope you will love them as much as we do.