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Becoming Plant Folks

Hi there,
Lately I have been posting quite frequently on Instagram and begin to realise that I not only have many plants but there are just tons of interesting details that I would like to share about them which I really can’t do in a quick post on Instagram. And so I have started this blog on our plant journey at home.

I’m Danny and together with my wife, Hilary, our plant story isn’t all that different from others. It started when we first went to our neighbourhood nursery for a few plants to doll up our home. Our home had a scandi-styled decor and we were thinking how a few plants would really go well with the woody and minimalist furniture. So we thought…
And this led on to many more plants and we kind of knew we were converted.

We are Plant FOLKS now like so many of you out there.

We believe in having these plants in our living space, all around us and not necessarily just along the corridor outside our apartment. Living with us now are beautiful foliage plants like the Anthuriums, Dieffenbachias, Philodendrons, Caladiums; the sun-lovers like Haworthias, Cactus, Euphorbias and even the Tillandsia airplants.

This blog is about growing and living with our plants; about how we have created green spaces around our home apartment. I hope you will enjoy the plants and other interesting stories we will share here. We hope to connect with like-minded plant folks out there so feel free to have a discussion here and share with us your very own plant stories.

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